Online Classes

Donna DrummingPrivate Online classes for Mediumship and Intuitive Development:

  • Meditations: Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Future Self, Past Lives, Power Symbol, Body Awareness, No Thought, Breath.
  • Spirit Guides
  • Automatic Writing
  • Intuition exercises
  • Interpreting Images
  • Hearing vs. Sensing
  • Embodiment vs. Speaking to spirit
  • Channeling
  • Physical Sensation
  • Using Your Own Experiences
  • Giving Messages/Readings

These are examples of what one class may contain. They are in no particular order and they are taught at Donna’s sole discretion.

Here is a video explaining a little more…

Donna requires one half hour session before any class begins to discuss your intentions and your level of practice. There is no charge for this session.

Donna will develop a program designed especially for you and your level of practice. If you choose to take these classes with another person, both of you must start at the same time.

All levels of practitioners are encouraged. Beginners are always welcome.

NEW Group Class beginning November, 2019.

Contact me for more info. Save even more!

Private class rate:

$40 per hour (3-hour maximum a day).

Pay for a group of classes in advance and save!

Group classes – $120 for four classes (90 minutes each).

If you would like to schedule group classes at your home: online or in-person, please contact Donna for more information.

TESTIMONIALS for Donna’s Intuitive Development classes:

“Donna is a very professional medium. She is very authentic, honest and gracious.
Even though I took an online course with her, I don’t feel that the distance is an issue. It is obvious from the very start of the session that she could conduct the session very efficiently. She knows and loves what she does. What she teaches is touching my heart with her openness and compassion and powerful insight into my soul.
I highly recommend anyone working with her or taking her class if you are ready for the truth and wish to see your true self and potential.”
Dr. Methaya Pomsuwan
Life Coach and Trainer
Bangkok, Thailand
“This is absolutely not just a training, it is the ‘healing’ especially when it came [at the] very right time for me. After only 4 sessions, I felt much lighter and found more peace in my heart.  It was amazingly deep and insightful. Thank you Donna.” 
Sasayarmont Pakdipongpitchaya                                                                                                                    Bangkok, Thailand

“I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to take Donna’s class. We met weekly for four weeks and I was able to learn a great deal about a variety of interesting topics such as meditation, spirit guides, and the psychic phenomenon. This particular class was especially helpful in that Donna catered to each person’s level of ability and mine was especially minimal. I’ve taken many classes over the years and this one was among the most enjoyable. I look forward to continuing on and taking more. Thank you Donna for all of your help!” JG, VA

“I enjoyed our class today and feel like we’re family being fed by a loving teacher. When I was in school, I had great difficulty with a course in statistics. I continue to believe if the teacher could clearly show me the details, I would understand and begin to apply the principles. Thanks to Donna and to you for sharing your souls. I am jazzed to see my personal growth in wisdom and knowing.” PC, NV

“Donna has a truly deep knowledge regarding what she is teaching. She always has the best way to explain things in such a calm and loving peaceful tone. This course helps me get in touch with my soul and deepen my inner wisdom. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who is ready to change their life.” 

“Wow! I’m basking in the essence of love and Spirit from such a wonderful class. Can’t sit still…this experience today is so awesome….and Dearest Donna, thanks is not adequate, humble gratitude is the great emotion in my heart. Blessings for all you are and all you do.”

“Donna’s intuitive development classes have marked a before and an after when it comes to learn to interpret spirit. They led me to the realization that it was way easier than I thought. The fact that the classes are in small groups of 4 to 6 people is great because you can practice what you have learned with other people and also each person’s case receives enough attention from Donna. Donna does not reserve anything for herself, she shares everything she knows about mediumship and is open to being questioned, so whether you want to become a medium or just develop your intuition this is a great opportunity to start.” DB, Mexico

I really enjoyed the 4-class session we just completed. I learned some very useful things, plus the last class left me with a strong sense of confidence. So thank you for offering a place for practice, encouragement and validation.”

“I am enjoying the classes very much.  I am feeling lots of shifting going on spiritually.  I am rather kind of giddy with my progress. Thank you for being a part of that.”

“I just finished a very successful healing session with somebody over the phone. I was able to incorporate much of what I learned from our classes so I am very excited and pleased.”

“Donna was supportive of my journey and the class had nice surprises! A real ‘present’ for which I am grateful.”

By booking your development classes with Donna, you will receive a $10 credit* toward any future private readings with her. The current rate is $125/one hour.

Classes are done through Zoom or Facetime. With Zoom, you will receive an audio and video recording of your session. With Facetime, only an audio recording. You are encouraged to replay these sessions—especially the meditations—and continue practicing on your own time**.

Payment is made in advance through Venmo ( or Paypal ( There are no refunds. However, you can use any credit for future readings or apply to someone else!

Venmo, Paypal, Cash or Check for in-person classes.

In-person class locations 2018 – 2019

Fredericksburg, VA November 2018

West Palm Beach, FL November – December 2018

Clearwater Beach, FL December 11 – December 19 and December 29 – January 2, 2019

Brooklyn, NY December 20 – December 26

Los Angeles, CA (Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach area) January 2019

Seattle/Kingston, Washington February through summer 2019

New York City, early October 2019  and December 27th – January 3rd.

Virginia and Jacksonville, FL Late October 2019

West Palm Beach, FL October 2019 – January 2020

Your area? Email me and let’s discuss. I will be traveling across the country during October 2019 (LA, TX, AZ) and I would love to talk with you about teaching a class to you and your friends in your own home, yoga studio, classroom or conference room. 

In-person class locations available through 2018:

Voorhees, NJ March-April 2018

Rhinebeck, NY May-October 2018

Stay tuned for more. Interested in hosting a development series at your home? Contact Donna for more info.

Please email for other locations. Animal Communication classes are also available online.

*Good for one year

** These sessions are specifically designed for you. You may not copy, sell, alter or further reproduce or distribute any part of this course pack/material to any other person. These sessions are to be used for Educational Purposes only. You may not download or make a further copy for any other purpose.